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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Another hello post. Oh yes, I'm such a lazy lady. I thought I would be updating my blog religiously back then but hey, Jiyy is still Jiyy she's getting bored way too easy.
I'm updating my blog again, no reason. I just want to renew my blog, even though I still have no idea of what I'm gonna write especially when I'm back to reality. Speaking of reality, I was revering to my dental life, Gosh it's a nah! I hate my dental life, I mean it. LOL. I really wanted to get out of there  as soon as I can, not that I hate the environment or whatsoever, I just still can't think that this is what I'll become like this is my destiny. I can't believe it like really. Though I don't know what is purpose actually, but dentist, is way too serious for me. Not that I'm not serious of being here, it just... Me? A dentist?!

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