Gain Some Weight

Thursday, October 06, 2016

I'm on a program to gain some weight. I actually doesn't bother about my underweight problem until that someone talks about my small hips. First of all, I know there's nothing much I can't change about it. I was born with a small hip and I appreciate it but then again, that XX say something I never thought about in my life. Short story, I decide to give my self a try. I have to gain my weight, at least he's not going to talk about my weight again. LOL. I actually concern about my weight now as I think I'd be looking better when I'm a little bit fat?
I already gain 1 kg actually in a week. What I did was only eating 3 times a day, seriously, it is so hard for me to do that. It's like I'm not having enough time just to remind myself that I have to eat, lol. But I also hate my weight progress cause I know what is exactly getting bigger when I gain my weight; my biceps, chin, cheeks, and thighs. I need to widen my hips T__________T lmao.

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