Hello, there. I'm Jiyy.
Born with a full name Islami Jihadiyah, I'm one of this 5' 3” and under woman. Being petite is boring sometimes, they told you not to wear this or that because it will make you look smaller, but whatever. At least I don't have to bending over something when I walk.
I love something simple. I also love to keep my wardrobe as little as I can. If there's a cloth that is go in, there must be a cloth that goes out. And that's one of the reason why I also sell my preloved clothes as well on jiyyexes.
I believe in something magical that I think I'll not get scared when I find my dolls talking to me. I also believe in fate, destiny, whatever you call it, it just nothing such as a coincidence in this life. Everything happen for reason, although I don't always know why something's happening to me, or to anyone else, but I realize that Allah is all-knowing and nothing whatsoever can happen to me, or any, including you, except Allah wills. But I do believe in luck. There is a difference.
I dream a lot and live on it but didn't quit my life. My current realistic dream is to have my own clothing brand that I'd love to make it true someday, and I hope someday is not a long time. Amen.
I love drawing since I was born, and hate to study (oh, boy!). I'm such a lazy person when it comes to something real serious and boring*laugh*. I doodling whenever I want, bored, and everytime!
I am currently a dental student. Well that's strange, if it wasn't because of my daddy's will, I don't even know why I get into here either.

More questions are welcome, feel free to contact me!
Cheers xx

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